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1944-1946 US Complete Shell Case Penny Collection

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Over 50 years ago, the United States Mint did its part to help America win World War II.  At this time, pennies were struck in 95% copper - but copper was also the main ingredient in wartime shell cases.  Without shell cases, our troops overseas would be defenseless.  Therefore the United States Mint gave up using copper altogether in 1943. All the available copper went to the war effort.  But by 1944 the Mint came up with an ingenious plan to start minting copper pennies again - without jeopardising US troops fighting for freedom in Europe and the Pacific.

Instead of discarding used shell cases after they had been fired, troops were ordered to collect them and send them back home - where they were melted and made into new pennies.

Many of these coins were worn or damaged in circulation - leaving just a fration for today's collectors.  In fact, it can be virtually impossible to find these coins on your own.  They disappeared from circulation upto 50 years ago, and discovering even a single coin can be an ordeal.  
Penny Collection includes:

2 x 1944 One Cent Coins
2 x 1945 One Cent Coins
2 x 1946 One Cent Coins

The Shell Case Penny Collection is housed in the original perspex case.


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