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1992 United Kingdom Specimen ECU Mint Set

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The name "ECU" is an abbreviation of the term "European Currency Unit" - now a widely used unit of account.  In times past, the term "ECU" referred to a mediaeval coin which circulated widely throughout the continent of Europe.  "ECU" was derived from the latin "scutum" meaning "shield", and these "forerunners" bore the device of a Knight's shield on the reverse side of each coin.

This set of seven ECU`s was originally issued by the International Currency Bureau to show what the new ECU's were going to look like, however, they decided to call the new coins Euro's and not ECU's, making this set a very important part of our numismatic heritage.

Each set comes in a full colour presentation folder with seven different denominations. These include: 10 ECU, 5 ECU, 2 ECU, 1 ECU, 1/2 ECU, 1/4 ECU and 1/10 ECU.

This historically important collection of ECU's was designed by the famous British and Commonwealth coinage artist Raphael Maklouf.

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